Thursday, December 16, 2010

Plot owner demands apology from minister

The owner of plot number 1006 near Palm Beach Hotel in Dar es Salaam has demanded an apology from the Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Prof Anna Tibaijuka for defamation. Taher Muccadam has issued an ultimatum for an apology within seven days and a payment of 2bn/- in damages follows the minister’s order to demolish the structures constructed on the plot which had been declared an open space. Muccadam said Prof Tubaijuka (Former UN-Habitant representative for Africa) had ruined his reputation before the society by claiming that the plot was obtained through corruption. "The accusations are not justifiable. As an advocate, I have been tarnished by the allegations. I always believe in legal procedure since it delivers justice to all people,” Muccadam said. Muccadam explained that he was always systematic in whatever he did contrary to what Prof Tibaijuka thought and informed the minister that the plot was not an open space. Advocate Muccadam said that he obtained the plot after a High court ruling whereby both parties were involved. "Is there any necessity to bribe the judge while both parties reached the agreement and the court ruled in my favour?” he queried. He said the plot was issued by the councillors who are also the representatives of the people.

Tanzanian Minister for Landa and Human Settlement Professor Anna Tibaijuka

Muccadam however said that Prof Tibaijuka must start cleaning up her ministry because it has been causing many problems to the people for a long time. He said unless Tibaijuka apologises, he would charge her before the court, insisting that the country was administered by laws and the constitution. On Tuesday this week, Prof Tibaijuka visited open spaces in Dar es Salaam which had been invaded by illegal developers and ordered demolition of structures in two open spaces. The structures which she ordered to be demolished were at plot No.59 flur 1 Ocean Road and Palm Beach plot No 1006 which are demarcated as open spaces. The minister recently served notice that all people who illegally occupied open spaces to surrender them before the start of what she termed as ‘land ranger operation’. Prof Tibaijuka also ordered the fence built at plot No.59 flur 1 Ocean Road near Aga Khan Hospital to be demolished because the owner, Shree Hindu Mandal did not have legal ownership of the plot.


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