Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Marando's views on the results of general elections

ONE of the prominent lawyers and advocate in this country, Mabere Nyaucho Marando has given his views over the results of the recent General Elections as evidence of growth of multiparty-ism within the nation in general. Marando said the incumbent candidate of Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, has drastically declined by just attaining 61.17 per cent out of ballots casted as compared with his landslide victory in the General Elections for2005.
“In 2005 Kikwete was declared a winner with 82 per cent of the presidential votes, but in this year he won by merely attaining 61 per cent of the votes, thereby showing a drastic decline of 20 per cent,” observed the lawyer. He said Kikwete’s decline is a sign for his ruling party for the General Elections set for 2015. It should be noted that in 2005 he obtained over 9 million votes or with above 80 per cent of all presidential votes as compared with the current results of the elections while this year he got only 5,276,827 votes or over 61 per cent of all presidential votes.

Mr. Mabere Marando

Marando also said that the results were indication of how his popularity has deteriorated due to poor performance of his administration in the past five years. He further said that it was obvious for his decline since the government under the control of CCM never met the expectations of Tanzanians in general. The race for leadership vacancies in our country ended with 20,137,303 registered voters expected to elect their leaders during the polling day but slightly over 8 million of them lined up at the polling stations. It was from those who turned out during the polling day that the elections results were declared by the Chairman of NEC, Justice Lewis Makame, for presidency of the United Republic of Tanzania. Regarding the presidential results, Justice Makame said that the registered electorates were about 20 million but merely 8,626,283 turned out to vote in 53,000 polling stations in the country. Kikwete emerged the overall winner with 5,276,827, which was 61.17 per cent of all who voted at the said polling stations. In the final analysis, the destiny of Tanzanians has been made by less than half of over 20 million legitimate electorates.


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