Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CCK supports Chadema MP’s walkout

Chama cha Kijamii (CCK) has called on the Government to act on a call for a new Constitution made recently by the main opposition party Chadema when its members of parliament walked out during the inauguration of the Parliament by the president.
CCK chairman, Constantine Akitanda says the Government and general public should not disregard Chadema’s decision because all issues raised by the party were genuine.
“I was following every step done by the Chadema MPs, and after going through their claims, it shows that they had a point therefore we should not ignore them,” said Akitanda when speaking to The Express.

Speaker of Tanzania's Parliament house

He said the pertinent issues raised by Chadema were not answered by the Government through its electoral body (NEC) due to its flaws during the just ended General Election.“Here, we are fighting for a new Constitution and Chadema has shown it by staging a walkout,” he said. On Thursday last week when addressing the 10th Parliament, President Kikwete put emphasis on building the middle class economy and empowering small and medium entrepreneurs, farmers, pastoralists, fishermen and outlined 13 priority areas.But no sooner had he started his speech after being welcomed by the Speaker, Anne Makinda, Chadema MPs walked out while CCM MPs booed. They were making their exit apparently to show their stand that they don’t recognise the Head of State.

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