Monday, May 18, 2015

TMEA to work on “One stop inspection stations” along central corridor

AFTER having successfully accomplished the improvements of infrastructure at border posts, Trademark East Africa (TMEA) has resort to embark on a significant progress on the One Stop Inspection Stations (OSIS) programme along the central business corridor. TMEA’s country Director for Tanzania Dr. Jesephat Kweka said on Monday this week in Dar es Salaam at the launch of the annual report of TMEA for 2013/14. The report titled “Partnering for prosperity in East Africa” significantly entails various development initiatives currently being undertaken by the TMEA with the aim of improving inland transportation infrastructure within East Africa region. Dr. Kweka noted that, the feasibility study has been completed and procurement for detailed design and supervision for a consultant to carry out design and supervision work is already initiated in three identified sites.  The selected sites are Nyakanazi in Kigomna region, Vigwaza in Tabora and Manyoni in Singida region respectively. On completion of these stops are expected to reduce the time it takes to transport goods along the central corridor. Elaborating more, Dr. Kweka noted that they would improve road safety, reduce road congestion and introducing electronically linked weigh in motion weighbridges to reduce truck weighing times. Among the most completed projects that TMEA has tirelessly worked for East and Central Africa states since its inception in 2009, is the elimination of Non Tariff Barriers (NTBs) to improve efficiency while transporting goods for prosperity within the regional block. Other projects he mentioned in his presentation is  that, the TMEA is engaged with currently includes the, modernization of Dar es Salaam port which by 2020 is expected to handle 22 million tones annually from the current 12 million tones the port is handling. Among the projects underway is the construction of modern good sheds, construction of a 1 kilometer road from the port yard, dredging at the berths N0 1 to 7 to approximately 13 meters deep from the water surface in order to enable anchorage of bigger ships at the port. Other successful achievements he noted are Successful implementation of MEAC’s Direct Financial aid, Effective engagement with CSOs, PSOs, Improve efficiency at borders (OSBPs) Improve management of Central Corridor and the Improve efficiency of standards testing. TMEA works closely with East African Community (EAC) institutions, national governments, the private sector and civil society to increase trade by unlocking economic potential through: Increased market access Enhanced trade environment; and Increased product competitiveness. He said that, TradeMark remains true as a development partner, supporting East African institutions across the region to deliver tangible results, through its close partnerships with government, businesses and civil society. In view of these developments initiatives, East Africa is increasingly becoming connected in trade whether though common customs tariffs or common market protocol. This interconnectedness will bring transformative change in trade and increased prosperity for its people.

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