Monday, May 4, 2015

Entrepreneurs told to struggle first for education before using their loans

ENTERPRENEURS in the country have been directed to struggle for education on how to make proper use of tools given to them as collaterals so as to facilitate means to recover their debts. The Managing Detector of Suvre Consultants ltd based in Dar es Salaam Respicious Kundawa said last week at the entrepreneurs’ exhibition at Furahisha ground which ended in Mwanza city, He said most entrepreneurs fails to pay back their debts due to lack of education on how to use such loans. “We have been giving education to many entrepreneurs after receiving their loans especially of machines with the objectives of using it properly and in turn get their back their bonds for which such loans were acquired”, he said. He further noted that, they have been giving education occupational health care to entrepreneurs in various regions in the country after having received loans with which to buy machines of different types. He said there are many of them who feel the pinch after having acquired loans for machines, and with less knowledge are not able to manage to refund the loans on time. However, he said that the main challenges most entrepreneurs face is lack of tools to be used for conducting education to entrepreneurs in some regions in the country including Mwanza city. “This is one of the challenges facing us, but we are working in partnership with many entrepreneurs to give them education after receiving their loans within the past seven years”, he said. Earlier the Chairman of Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) of Mwanza region, Lazaro Kihelya said that this is a rare opportunity for the entrepreneurs and farmers to be empowered to get loans from  Equity for Tanzania (Efta), which is directly concerned with such activities for all entrepreneurs as well as farmers in the country.

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