Monday, May 11, 2015

Stop asking for CCM presidential candidate, media warned

In unpresented move, the CCM party Ideology and Publicity Secretary Nape Nnauye has blasted media organizations that seem to be anxious asking for the timetable the ruling party has in place of getting its presidential candidate for the forthcoming general election. Nape’s call has come barely two days after the retired Prime Minister Fredrick Sumaye warned the ruling party for delaying the exercise of nominating its candidates citing the fact that it could hurt the ruling party in this year’s general election. Sumaye who is among the prominent CCM members eyeing the top most job in the country said in Dodoma on Thursday this week that the nomination could be flawed because of time constraint. He is of the view of the fact that, CCM procedures requires presidential aspirants to go around the country seeking the endorsement of party members from a number of regions. Speaking exclusively by telephone on Thursday this week, Nape said that media organizations should not worry asking about when the Central Committee of the ruling party would sit to select its candidate to run for the presidency. However, he insisted that when time comes CCM would release its timetable in accordance with the laid down procedures of party’s constitutional guidelines. “This is a sensitive issue that needs intensive preparations that, the ruling party has to undertake it by care”, he said and insisted that media organizations should not interfere with the preparatory processes as they would be informed when time arrives but couldn’t disclose when would it be. The Guardian contacted him following uncertainty which is seen to be dominating among the majority Tanzanians who are eager this time around to know what is going on in the ruling party and their focus about the selection of presidential aspirants. The issue which seems to be the talk of the day, has virtually turned a subject of debate almost in all corners of the country in groups of people discussing the possibility of getting the right fifth President of the country while on the other way around media outlets are in the fore front to inquire the truth about the matter which is still behind the curtain. 

CCM party Ideology and Publicity Secretary Nape Nnauye

 Efforts by this paper to get other top CCM carders such as the Secretary General Abdulrahman Kinana and party’s mainland Vice Chairman Phillip Mangula proved futile as their hand phones kept on ringing without giving a reversible call for an answer when contacted. However, early this week, Mangula was quoted by the media as saying that, party members who incites chaos that would cause a division of members in the party would ruthlessly be dealt with according to the party’s guidelines. He said currently there is an operation moving underground in search of those who wants to interfere with the general election for their own benefits, and that if found guilty would all be sacked out of their membership before even the yet identified date for selection processes of getting contesting aspirants starts. Mangula issued the directives when addressing an inside meeting with fellow party members of the Ubungo constituency that discussed various party matters including the political situation and the intensive preparations towards general elections for October this year. He cautioned all carders to take a precaution and pinpoint those whom they see from their wards are not following the laid down party’s rules and regulations and bring them forward for an immediate action. However, he further noted that if prompt actions are not taken against them, the situation is likely to place the party at a risk point and hence cause a mass failure during general election.

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