Monday, May 25, 2015

Labour ministry promises to facilitate registration of drivers’ trade union

In a bid to suppress any further attempt of drivers’ unexpected series of strikes in the country, the Ministry of Labor, Youths and Employment has pledged to facilitate the registration process of the up-country truck driver’s trade union under their association known in Swahili acronym as “Chamamata”. Labour Minister Gaudensia Kabaka made the declaration early this week in Dar es Salaam in a meeting with stakeholders and besieged truck drivers who had threatened to go on strike to immediately stop their plans as the ministry is currently working on their issue. News reports about the secretly planned drivers’ strike were earlier published by a weekly tabloid of the Guardian sister paper ‘Nipashe’ two weeks ago. The news contents in the  weekly edition quoted the drivers’ claims had it that they wanted the government to pressurize the office of the registrar of a trade union to give a full registration of the workers’ trade union which drivers had long been demanding for their association. The contents in the paper highlighted how strike had to be implemented as it could involve truck drivers who transport both imports and exports of goods like oil and foodstuffs and containers carrying industrial raw materials and construction equipments. The newspaper is quoted as saying that the drivers’ syndicate is said to have been disseminated through social media networks after stakeholders had noticed there were some sort of resentments shown by the registrar office of the trade union who don’t want drivers’  association registered. 

Minister for Labor, Youths and Employment Mrs. Gaudensia Kabaka 

 Such reports were spread among the stakeholders one week after passenger drivers ended a recent two day strike that shocked the nation in what seemed to be a lesson that drivers demonstrated to shame the government officials who do not want to settle down their queries. Elaborating more over the matter, Minister Kabaka has assured truck drivers to draw a little bit patience as their issue is on her table for clearance of their concern. “I besiege truck drivers to wait for a while as my office is collaborating with the registrar of trade unions in order to solve their queries”, she said and warned that having a series of strike is a loss to the nation bearing the fact that transport is a key sector that facilitate economy.  However, she has also advised drivers to form a single unified body that would be representing their queries to the government instead of having numerous drivers’ associations whose control becomes rather difficult. Two weeks ago, after the up-country passenger bus drivers’ went on strike, the government formed a thirteen person permanent committee to oversee at various concerns facing drivers in the country. The team members which is being led by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport, Dr. Shabaan Mwinjaka as a chair person is yet to reveal what is inside a nutshell that cause drivers to organize a series of strike despite of their regular demands of better working conditions. Minister for Transport, Samuel Sitta was quoted by the media as saying that the committee will be meeting frequently to discuss various concerns facing the drivers and come up with solutions.

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