Monday, February 9, 2015

PCCB alerts the general public

The Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) has cautioned the general public to be aware of a person who is said to lure people’s mind and ultimately steal million of money from them  by false pretence by using ‘Escrow scandal’. In their statement which they issued on Friday last week in Dar es Salaam, PCCB’s Public Relations Officer Doreen Kapwani said that, one person identified himself by one name “Mbogo” has been sending a short messages (SMS)  to people most of whom public servants and inform  them that are under investigations by PCCB on allegations of their direct involvement of money transfer from Escrow Account. The statement is quoted as saying that, the person who seems to be an impersonator  is using mobile phone numbers that belongs to Airtel Company which has been registered under the name of Godfrey Peter. Doreen further says that Mbogo has been luring people’s mind so as to let them give him money pretending that he would dismiss the impending investigation currently being undertaken by the PCCB against the offenders, a factor which is not true. In view of this scenario, the statement says that, the PCCB is hereby taking this opportunity to inform the general public not to be lured with impersonation of this kind, as PCCB being an investigating organ works under strict imposed laws and regulations set by following the procedures set for public servant office.  According to Doreeen, all communication are done within the PCCB offices and that all interviews are conducted by an officer accredited by te PCCB and that people have the right to ask for his/her identity for proof. PCCB has cordially thanked those who gave them this information and have promised to work closely in order to stop such kind of behaviors which if left without being tackled would cause damage to the people and nation at large.

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