Monday, February 23, 2015

Magufuli helps the deceased mother of an abducted albino child

The Minister for Works Dr. John Magufuli on Friday last week condemned the recent abduction and subsequent killings of an albino child named Yohana Bahati which occurred in Chato district, Geita region. Dr. Maghufuli has also expressed his heartfelt gratitude over the matter and has sent a message of condolence to the mother of the deceased Ester Jonas who was seriously injured by the abductors. Ester struggled without success while in an attempt to save her child from the bloody hands of the unknown people who attacked her and successfully made away with the child leaving her with pain and injuries. Speaking while in grief stricken mood in Dar es Salaam, Dr. Magufuli who is also a Member of Parliament for Chato (CCM) has called upon Tanzanians to live in peace and harmony and share love with each other. 

Tanzania's Minister for Works Dr. John Magufuli

The renowned MP has also called upon people to desist from embracing wrong notions which drives some people to think that, they could become rich from body parts of the albinos. “This is an intolerable inhuman act which is not accepted world widely, people are ought to know that they cannot become rich by chopping off albino’s body parts just the way it had been done to a child Bahati”, he said. Following the incident, Dr. Magufuli has donated his condolences of Sh. 1 million to the bereaved family and the child’s maternal mother Esther Jonas. “I have seen the need to donate my early condolences so that it could help the mother of the deceased for the time being for her various needs at this time she is deeply consoled by her lost child, but I promise to help more when I will physically visit her home. Either Minister Dr. Magufuli has thanked the management of Chato district hospital and that of Bugando referral hospital in Mwanza for the medical help they have rendered to the injured mother. In line with these thanksgivings, Dr. Magufuli has also thanked the Regional security committee of Geita region for having undertaken serious steps in search of those who in one way or another have participated in the grisly killings of the innocent child.

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