Monday, February 23, 2015

CEOrt members cast top executives for lack of commitment

Members of CEO Roundtable (CEOrt) of Tanzania have expressed their grave concern over major challenges facing Tanzania in the key economic sectors which are critical for national development. They said the persisting challenges are largely caused due to lack of commitment and seriousness by some top most national executives who are not innovative enough to ensure high productivity in various sectors they stand for. The CEOrt members made the observation in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday night this week during the first members’ monthly dinner meeting of the year 2015 which was held at Hyatt Regency Kilimanjaro Hotel in Dar es Salaam. CEO Chairman Ali Mufuruki who is also founder of Infotech Investment Group on Tanzania said that, the challenges are many and alarming such as low education levels, lack of access to reliable energy and powering industries, inefficient transport and logistics infrastructure to encourage trade. Others he mentioned are inadequate technological advancements for maximizing agricultural production, and most importantly the depletion of country’s cast most precious resources at the hands of corrupt senior officials. The meeting had a discussion under the theme, “Africa is not rising, Africans are not changing”, whose focus highlighted ideas which ironically looked at whether Africa continent is rising and making progresses in terms of social and economic development. According to Mufuruki, citizens of most African countries including Tanzania are faced with a myriad of social and economic problems due to a number of reasons, the basic one is incompetence caused as a result of poor leadership codes which is full of corruption. “The sabotage of African economies by Africans is on the rise, be it through direct theft, corruption or the wars that never seen to end”, he said adding that the capacity to destroy treasures and manpower is growing faster than the capacity to build them.  

CEO Chairman Ali Mufuruki  

He noted that, in order to remedy the situation, the private sector need to be empowered by governments in order to ward off unemployment problems facing young graduates who are increasing year after year in most countries across Africa. In the case of Tanzania he noted that, there cannot be progresses made despite the fact that the country boasts of gradual economic growth, if the issue of unemployment is not solved. He said although Tanzania has made a great stride for the economic growth rate which currently stands at 6 percent, this is not enough to cater for the need of citizens and however, he presumed that, this rate should have been doubled at a much faster pace by end of 2025. He suggested that, private sectors have to help challenge the problem to curb with the increased unemployment rate and the government help fight corruption which continues to haunt the lives of most poor Tanzanians. On his part a representative of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to the meeting,  Abdalah Said Shah said that, Tanzania cannot develop if the top executives are wrecking own economy through corruption, theft and other forms of sabotage. Shah is dismayed by the conduct of some executives saying that Tanzania and Africa in general cannot rise if the environment and biodiversity that sustains life are dying in own hands.  He is on the view of the fact that, people need to work with trust in order to protect own wealth for the betterment of the citizens and the nation at large. Founded in 2000, the CEOst is a policy dialogue forum with the main objective of creation a platform through which captains of industry can constructively engage the government with the vision of creating a more conducive environment for businesses to prosper and contribute to Tanzania’s economic growth. The forum brings together over 100 organizations doing business in Tanzania which lead account for more than 40 percent of the tax revenue collected by the government.

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