Monday, February 9, 2015

Media outlets asked to educate people on statistics reports

Media outlets in the country have been asked to educate the society on issues related with statistics due to some people who are not aware of the importance of such reports as they are used for illustrations. The Executive Director of the Africa Statistical Solutions (ASSO) Zakayo Msokwa said on Friday last week in a one day seminar which was organized by journalists in collaboration with the institution. He said that if the society was made aware of the available national statistical records, will help them k now exactly the national planning targets, however, he added that, it is important to know them for the national economy. “The statistics will help to make decisions and without them various national matters goes astray for lack of improper records”, he said. He said that some other government plans are not fulfilled properly due to lack of improperly arranged records and that if the statistics are known for every matter things would be good. He also noted that if the statistics are properly kept, normally are helpful to arrange for the future development plans. He added that, the statistics are used for the country’s economic growth in every country which is largely depending on their statistics. 

Photojournalists at work in a public function. Media practitioners have been called upopn to educate people on the use of statistics.

Msolwa has also requested staticians to issue their reports on time so that they could be used to develop the country’s development plans for the statistics prepared in developing countries are not always successful like those of UK and other developed nations. He also affirmed that, Tanzania is running short of professional staticians and the few available are not enough to cater for the need, in view of this ASSOS has resolved to engage in the issues related with the statistical education to journalists in order to let them report them to the society. He said if a country would be running in short of statistics is difficult to spearhead development, and this is why these are needed quickly to help even business people in doing their activities so as to know how the market is going on. He also added that, regional statistics even those of district level which are issued in monthly as well as yearly will help nt6he country’s development just like other countries for in Africa most countries are not perfect with their own statistics records. “It is better for all statistics to be collected on monthly basis so as to know how development plans are going on, and if the exercise will not be effective, then there is a likelihood of getting imperfect reports. He further noted that, even in other countries statistics are always above their planning development set ups and incase an official mess up and cause a loss to the nation, then he or she is liable to be made accountable and if possible forced to resign from their post. He clarified that, statistics are not depending on the position one holds in the office, but what is required is that, the government plans its budget according to the number of the population in a particular area for the country’s need.

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