Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sumaye: Bad politics is a major cause of public violence among peaceful nations

Retired Prime Minister Fredrick Sumaye has strongly cautioned youths against any political malpractice to which they might be directly forced to get involved with by some crook politicians in the country at this time when the nation is getting prepared for the general election slated for 2015. Sumaye made the observations yesterday in Arusha in his opening remarks at a one day sensitization seminar aimed at brushing members of the ruling party (CCM) for Arusha region especially youths who are easily tempted to be absorbed into political clashes. The yesterday’s seminar had discussed the opportunities of youths in the country and their role of keeping peace and harmony especially at this time when the country is getting prepared towards general election. Other matters discussed in the seminar included loans for students of higher learning institutions as well as those preparing to undergo secondary education in the country. In addition to that, the seminar also discussed youth’s entrepreneurship programmes. In his speech, former premier insisted youths should be good protectors of peace and harmony which ids prevailing in the country and get out of bad mindsets that could lead them into committing immorality which could result into disruption of peace during the coming general election.  Sumaye is on the view of the fact that, youths are always assigned by some political parties to ignite violence just for the interest of few greedy politicians. He has therefore asked youths not to engage themselves in such malpractices which basically are meant to destroy human dignity. Sumaye has also faulted some parties which after having seen have failed in the elections, they tend to deliberately cause violence and in doing so they use youths to facilitate their desire, which ultimately ended up into violence. However, he has also cautioned the National Election Commission (NEC) to be fair and transparency when announcing winners after the election, saying that they are also at fault when they pick up a winner whom the majority did not vote. By doing so, the former premier noted that was an offense which ultimately causes violence. “Victimization and nepotism of any kind that is shown towards contestants for any contesting party are the attitudes that plant some seeds of discords among the people and these are among elements that cause political chaos in communities”, he said. 

Former Tanzania Prime Minister, Fredrick Sumaye feeds journalists' questions at a press conference in Arusha last week.

He further reiterated that, during the election activities especially when votes are being counted, transparency should be adhered before winners are announced, as going against the democratic procedures violence is likely to erupt. “It is through ballot elections when voters uses their democracy and this is their basic right constitutionally”, he said and added that therefore it should be adhered to at all cost, and for whoever feels to have been snatched away with this right, the habit would not be tolerated and the culprits should b e held responsible whatsoever. In this way, the ex-premier continued and noted that in some other countries in the world where the situation happens, people have found themselves having no appetite of maintaining peace and harmony any more during the general election processes. He also talked of corruption as another aspect that causes violence in the country during general elections saying that it is a democratic disaster which undermines the right of the contestants as some uses money to buy voters into letting them win the election. Premier Sumaye has urged youths not to engage themselves in this also as there are various corruptions which are used to manipulate the whole process of elections. He queried those who uses lots of money to bribe voters or manipulate the results, where do they get money to refund what they shall have spent during the election, and suppose they are retained in power, uses their position to engage in the misappropriation of public property or selling illegal drugs in order to remit the money they use for campaigning.

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