Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Six people are arrested as a policemen is injured at Nyamongo Gold Mine

A police Constable (PC) with force number G 7606 known by one name Deogratius stationed at Kinesi Police Station in Rorya district, Mara region has been admitted at Shirati nursing the wounds he sustained on his ribs. This is after he was pricked by a sharp instrument believed to be a spear while at work with his fellow in their struggle to remove more than 2,000 youths who had invaded a gold mine owned by Acacia North Mara which is located at Nyamongo area in Tarime district whereby the police in the area are holding 6 people in connection with the illegal intrusion that caused the injuries to other policemen within the mining site. The Police Commander of Tarime /Rorya special police zone, SACP Lazaro Mambosasa said yesterday that, a group of about 2,000 youths living in neighborhood close to the mining site believed to be invaders on Tuesday at noon armed with traditional weapons invaded the mining area and caused violence. 

People run in great pursuit to take refuge in an attempt to escape the police who usually fire them with live bullets after they had invaded the mine with intent to steal gemstones. The incident took place at Nyamongo Gold Mine in Tarime district recently.

According to SACP Mambosasa, the group invaded the security guards on duty and swiftly managed to escape with precious gemstones from the mining site while leaving other policemen in injuries. He said that, the police force in collaboration with the security guards amounted a counter attack at the site and in confrontation came in face to face with the intruders in a swift operational move that was succeeded but left other policemen injured. He further noted that, during the operation, one policemen who was hired from Kinesi police station with the force number  G 7606 PC Deogratius was left injured on his side body and w as rushed to Tarime district designated hospital for treatment and at the moment is admitted at Shirati hospital for further treatment. He said 6 people most of whom are youths are being held by the police in connection with the incident and are soon expected to appear before the court of law once investigations about them matter is complete. The suspects would be charged with intrusion to the Gold Mine area and cause injuries to security people. SACP Mambosasa has cautioned to the people in the area not to take law in their hands and desist from forcing their movements illegally into the mining site without permission with intent to commit a crime. He said the police force in the region would not hesitate to take legal actions against the offenders who would be found guilty of an offense and take them before the court of law, and therefore cautioned to the concerned group that the a hand of law would take actions against them.

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