Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Residents in furious mood against their District Commissioner

RESIDENTS of Nzasa, Kilami and Nyaigulu villages in Ilala district in Dar es Salaam region who are bordering the Kazimzumbwi natural forest in Kisarawe district, Coast region have lodged a claim against wildlife security guards of the Kazimzumbwi forest. The residents have accused them together with the District Commissioner of the district Fatma Kimario for their collaborative work of ordering about 700 houses which have been pulled down and setting fire to their livestock on claims that have invaded the area illegally. They have also accused them of slashing down residents’ crops in the area in a move to let them vacate so as to let the investor who want to plant trees for reduction of carbon dioxide emission. 

Kazimzumbwi forests in Kisarawe district, Coast region

Speaking to the writer of this news, a member of the committee selected to look after the demarcations which were placed to separate the natural forests of Kazimzumbwi and the residential areas recognized to be under Ilala municipal council Mary Maundi said that, an action committed by the district officials is inhumane and that it was not right for them people in the area. He said that, the people have the legal occupation of the area for over ten years and have won a civil case which was opened in 2011 and that it was found that the wildlife soldiers occupied the area illegally and built their houses in it. “The case was conducted at a district court for the last two years and failure for them soldiers to tender their evidences in court, the Magistrate cancelled it for lack of enough evidences as they were require to do so” she said.

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