Monday, December 22, 2014

MwanaHalisi publishers launch an online publication

THE MwanaHalisi Publishers Ltd, which was publishing the banned weekly Kiswahili investigative newspaper famously known as MwanaHalisi on Friday last week launched an online publication in place of the banned newspaper. The occasion which took place in Dar es Salaam was graced by Chairman of Media Owners Association of Tanzania (MOAT) Dr. Reginald Mengi and witnessed by senior media practitioners of various media outlets, and also in attendance was the Executive Director of Media Council of Tanzania Kajubi Mukajanga. The newspaper which will now be read through website has come into being after over two years and a half when the government banned the newspaper for having flouted rules and conduct of ethical reporting. In his speech Dr. Mengi praised the decision by the management of the MwanaHalisi Publishers for their dedication of establishing an online newspaper publication which he said would continue to inform Tanzanians of what is happening around them. In line with his thanksgiving, Dr. Mengi who is also the IPP group Chairman has requested media practitioners in the country to strictly observe objectivity and clarity in their reporting, and noted that the two elements encourages professional work efficiency. 

The Chairman of Media Owners Association of Tanzania (MOAT) Dr. Reginald Mengi gestures after he had pressed a button on a computer that ushers the launch of the MwanaHalisi online publication. 

Speaking in favour of the MwanaHalisi editorial team led by their Managing Editor Said Kubenea, Dr. Mengi flashed back his experience and wanted other media practitioners to emulate him for his courageous behaviors he shows when writing investigative news contents. He said some journalists in the country do not write about the community and the mischief which are going on, and instead relies mostly to please politicians even if are at fault. “Journalists should not report shallowly and instead they must develop the habit of balancing their news contents and gather detailed facts that would not mislead their readers”, he said and added that, by doing this they would be maintaining the status core of their professionalism. In his opening introductory remarks, the Managing editor of the MwanaHalisi online publication, Said Kubenea noted that, his company has decided to establish an online publication while they are waiting for the government to revert their decision since it imposed a ban over two years ago. He said the MwanaHalisi online publication is a public property that everybody will have an access to free of charge. However, he further said that, they are currently welcoming online advertisers to the website and also in near future they would subscribe their readers for the sake of getting money to pay fellow workers who since the ban have nothing to survive with. On his part, the Executive Director of the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT) Kajubi Mukajanga insisted four things in his speech as successful goals and said that, the new publication should adhere to the integrity while disseminating online information news. He advised them to show courageousness as some of the newspapers have been playing a crucial role of uncovering mischief including grand corruption as a commendable job which must be praised at all cost. He has also urged them to sacrifice for themselves when performing works which has a great interest to the general public. However, he urged the management to show courage and perseverance and never despair while performing their duties.

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