Saturday, May 11, 2013

Opposition camp in Parliament raises a concern over vulnerable children

THE Opposition camp in Parliament yesterday blasted the government’s move in their report that the Ministry of Copmmunity  Development, Gender and Children has failed to control mass exodus of street children who have thronged in big numbers in most towns and cities in the country, with Dar es Salaam city being the leading with great number. They say that the influx of street children has considerably increased at a higher rate whereas there are little efforts being taken so far by the government in a bid to effectively curb with the increased situation. Contributing to 2013/14 budget estimate speech for the Ministry of Social Development, Gender and Children which was tabled in Parliament yesterday in Dodoma here, the report by the opposition camp has said that, the problem of street children has increased a situation that has created bad environment to these children which the government recognizes are the future treasury of the nation. Read by Conchesta Rwamlaza (Chadema), the report compiled in a small booklet with 16 pages also noted that, the government has been ignoring various report findings and reports from various media organization which have been addressing the issue to the general public, but surprisingly there has been no serious actions taken to remedy the situation. The reports shows that, street children are faced by various problems such as food and shelter, a factor which induce others into practicing immorality and there are other reports which shows that these children are made to engage in illegal business activities such as drug trafficking and other related acts of anti-social behaviours. The opposition camp noted that, as long as the government does not take serious steps to eradicate the plight of street children, there is a great likelihood for them to develop bad habits within themselves and later become thugs at a tender age, an aspect that pose a great threat to their life, growth and their health.  Either the report by position camp has noted that, the current fate of poverty stricken situation in the country y coupled by the lack of essential social services in rural areas, this as to be looked at critically and in broader perspectives as are the preliminary steps. If this is tackled, the report further says could uplift the standards of youths in those areas an aspect that it would deter others from migrating in urban centres. Either the opposition camp has asked the government to come up with the correct censor to indicate how many street children are there in the country so that it could take appropriate measures in dealing with the issue. Either the opposition is eager to know from the government executives what actions has so far been taken against people who are involved in acts of violence against children. Citing an incident which occurred recently to an eight year old child, a standard one pupil at Mkudi primary school in Morogoro who was alleged to have been raped by own father called Venance Mbui (41), such related matters are being reported by the media but it seems to be normal thing as the government turns a blind eye and never care about. The report has suggested various actions to be taken by the government that is like to follow the consultancy advices issued by most researchers on everything investigated for the welfare of children as a whole. By relying on the research findings compiled  the government will be able to win the battle rather than keeping quite without taking actions. Earlier on, the Minister for Community Development, Gender and Children Sofia Simba told the National Assembly when presenting her ministry’s budget estimate for 2013/14 that, her ministry is committed to ensure that children in the country are given their rights as deserved according to constitution. She said in her 46 paged budget report and outlined various steps her ministry has taken so far as outlined in page 7 of her report that, her ministry in collaboration with other stakeholders has carried a research activity and found out that in 95 district councils in the country have found 849,051 children are living in bad condition. She said out of these 407,544 are females who are equivalent to 48 percent and 441,507 are males equivalent to 52 percent are boys have been given special attention they deserve like education, health and food. They receive these basic essential through various aid channels. However, she said adding that, by looking at Child Act No. 21 of 2009, this has been translated into a simple language and distributed to stakeholders who are engaged in providing right to children which are the right of living, to be ;protected as children, to be educated, and being not discriminated in any way whatsoever She also noted that, her ministry has prepared and distributed the right of a child ;participation in the Participation Toolkit introduced in 2012, and the directives of establishing the directives of the children at village levels, wards, district and regional level,.

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