Monday, May 13, 2013

Magufuli’s budget to be tabled today

THE Minister for Works Dr. John Magufuli is today expected to read his ministry’s budget estimates for the 2013/14 financial year in the National Assembly which resumes its budget session today after two days of rest. Sources from the Parliament have said in an exclusive interview with The Guardian over the weekend that, the ministry’s budget is the biggest carrying most important infrastructural issues needed for the economic development in the country, a situation which brings closer attention to most legislators for their contributions to the pertinent issues  to be tabled for discussion. Meanwhile, the Deputy Speaker, Job Ndugai last week cautioned some legislators in the National Assembly for lack of proper explanations as some of them have the tendency of contributing their views in contradiction to a particular issue in discussion without showing evidences to support their argument. However, he wanted them to observe rules and regulations set as standing orders that guide the parliamentary debating procedures. Today’s ministry budget will be the 8th in a series of the ministries whose budgets for the 2013/14 financial year have been approved by the National Assembly since the Parliament started its budget sessions on  8th of April last month. The Ministries whose budgets have already been approved by the National Assembly includes, the ministry of Agriculture and Livestock development, Water development, Natural resources and Tourism, Ministry of defense, Home Affairs, Health and Social Services and Community development, Gender and Children.

Tanzania's Minister for Works, Dr. John Magufuli

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