Saturday, May 11, 2013

How state deals with the enemies of albinos in the country

THE High Court of Tanzania has convicted 13 people to death sentence after having found them guilty of murder offense charges they had committed at  different times against people with albinism in the country, the Minister for Home Affairs Dr. Emmanuel Nchimbi told the Parliament on Tuesday this week. The ruling of the High Court is in line with the efforts shown by the police force in their various investigations which to a greater extent has enabled the arrest of the culprits who later were taken to court for justice since notorious habit of albino killings erupted in the country almost a decade ago.  He said the government has set aside a certain sum of money in this year’s 2013/14 financial year which will help facilitate the welfare of the people with disability in the country. However, he added that, his ministry will continue to value the life of people with disability by providing adequate protection wherever possible. He has assured people with albinism that his ministry would be coordinating closely with the police force to ensure adequate their protection which has of recent become a threat owing to superstitious beliefs by some few people who kills them in search of their body parts in various parts of the country, and their commitment to ensure the rights of the disabled persons in the country. Dr. Nchimbi made a clarification when asked a question by a representative of the people with disability in Parliament, the MP for a special seat (CCM) Al-Shaymaa Kweygir when contributing his views for the budget speech for the ministry which sailed through on Tuesday this week. The legislator worried about the minister’s speech after having gone though it and wondered after having noticed that, he did not come across an aspect whereby the Minister had endorsed a point concerned with the people with albinism and what plans has the government in order to provide protection for their life which has become a threat in some Tanzania communities. In answering a legislator’s query, Dr. Nchimbi told the house that, he had omitted the issue of albinos in his budget speech not deliberately, but just because he had already noted in his budget speech a point of old people and related their sufferings as resembling those faced by people with disability into which albinos also falls in. However the Minister called for an apology while elaborating further and reiterated his ministry’s continued commitments in dealing ruthlessly with the thugs found to molest albinos in the country and planed for their arrest and bring them to justice.

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