Saturday, May 11, 2013

Legislators criticizes the continued acts against gender violence in the country

LEGISLATORS yesterday called on the government to impose severe legal measures against people who continues acts of violence committed deliberately against women and children in the country, with some insisting for the education to be introduced to those engaged in superstitious killings of old people commonly taking place in lake zone regions. The legislators were contributing to the2013/14 budget speech which was presented yesterday in Parliament in Dodoma by the Minister for Social Development, gender and children Sophia Simba (MP). Whereby she asked the parliament to approve a total of Sh. 23.9 billion for the ministry during 2013/14 fiscal year.  Contributing to the budget for the ministry, legislators of both of the ruling party and the opposition have asked the government to curb with the increased acts of violence which are occasionally being practiced in the country against women and children. They said that, acts of gender violence are still among various Tanzanian communities and are more common especially in rural areas among women, and in urban centres women are forced to accept sexual corruption in places of work. They have asked the government to form secret committees to stop the increased habit in places of work in order to net the culprits who in one way or another might be directly or indirectly involved in these mischief acts among innocent ladies who later on are affected psychologically. They have also asked the government through the Ministry to form social education schemes in order to enlighten people especially in rural areas who up to now threaten the lives of the old people whom they accuse of various superstitious beliefs, a result of which ends up in killing the suspects. Thauaryba  Idrisa (special seat) said that there is a need for the Ministry of Social Development, gender and children to expound their services as there are still a great number of children living in big towns and cities in the country who are still subjected to raping exercises a result of which the victims becomes pregnant leading to school drop out. In view of this, she has asked the government to think of increasing the budget estimates for the ministry so as their executives should get enough time to deal with matters affecting women and children in particular. However, she has also called on education among Tanzanians so as to make them become aware of the certain important aspects which are beneficial for the rights of children and women in the country. Mauilida Anna Komu (special seat Chadema) stressed on the vulnerable children and noted that, there is an increased rate of street children especially taking the city of Dar es Salaam as a case study, asking the government  to take drastic measures to stop the menace, however, she noted that, the increased street children is a result of negligence emanating from their parents targeting men. She has however called on the current regional commissioner Said Meck Sadiq to emulate his predecessor Lieutenant Yusufu Makamba whom she said took serious measures and managed to displace them safely and returned them to their respective homes during his tenure as a regional commissioner. However, she is on the view of the fact that, the increased street children could be tackled with every means possible in order to make the vulnerable children stay in peace. According to her, statistics shows that, there are about 800 street children loitering in the city of Dar es Salaam alone. Leticia Mageni Nyerere (Chadema special seat) contributed her views targeting the increased acts of killings of the old men  recently took place in Butiama village, a place whereby the father of the nation was born. She said education should be provided to the people practicing the vice. She further noted that, the issue of clothing should not be taken as a major factor which drives most women to harassments as this depends entirely on the area whereby wearers of such clothes put them. She was on the view of contradicting the fact that, women are mostly raped because of their clothes which they wear and that this attract t men into temptation. Retired Captain John Komba for Bamba-Bay (CCM)  is surprised over the budget estimates saying that, is the smallest of all and wonders how this is going to cater for  some crucial needs of women and children in the country. He therefore asked the government to think of increasing it as the ministry deals with most important aspect s for women and children whose growth is said is for the future nation. He has however, asked the government to impose severe laws that would penalize people who continues violence acts against children and women. He said the, the street children are caused by men who are not directly responsible to take care of their children and family at large. He has also urged the government to make use of the women banks in order to empower them in various development projects. Lediana Mg’ongo (CCM special seat) contributed his views and lamented  on the Women Development Fund (WDF) which she said should be used to empower women and that she has directed the Sh. 2 billion taken by the government from the fund to be reimbursed in order  to help them to caster for every need including investments. The Ministry’s budget estimates for 2013/14 is 23.9 billion which is the smallest of all ministries’ budgets in the country is expected to be passed later in the evening today.

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