Saturday, September 18, 2010

More engineering works is still needed in Tanzania

The occasion is also intended to enable employers in the engineering industry and the stakeholders an opportunity to identify capabilities of local engineers and local engineering organizations/firms. An Annual Engineers’ Day (AED) in Tanzania and the activities that go alongside with it, is a great significance not only to the engineers but also to the wider Tanzanian community. The occasion provides an opportunity for engineers to meet and exchange ideas and experiences on matters necessary for national development. The occasion which is one of the board’s greatest achievements, entered its eighth year in September this year since its inception in early 2003, it recognizes the contributions of the engineering profession towards national development. AED is now a very popular event in the almanac of engineers in the country, and it is also a popular public event which together with other activities it includes presentations of Engineering Excellence Awards and Engineering Promotion Award. It is also a rare opportunity for stakeholders in the engineering sector and the general public to interact with engineers on issues of national development. The event also enables the general public to recognize the valuable contributions made by the Tanzanian engineers in socio-economic development aspects.In this way capabilities of local engineers are identified and employed effectively for the benefit of the country. In realizing the aspirations of vision 2025, to a large extent depending on the professional roles to be played by engineers as there is no development program in the vision that does not require engineering inputs.It is for this reason that the theme for this year’s occasion focused on the “Contribution of Engineering and Technology towards the success of Kilimo Kwanza” in the country. Tanzanian nation needs engineers in the development and maintenance of various infrastructural facilities such as roads, railways and communications infrastructure. Apart from these, engineers also plays a crucial role in mining, service centres, for health and education sectors and in agro-industries as their contributions have a positive impacts that enables the nation to prosper towards the success of Kilimo Kwanza. Engineers also make use of the event to chat out strategies that will enable them to excel previous achievements. The holding of this important day which is now an annual occasion greatly facilitates an exchange of ideas and experiences which if properly applied will accelerate the pace of national development. Tanzanian government has put in place the country’s development vision 2025 and has also in place a Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) both of which clearly stipulate the role of engineers in their endeavor to achieve the desired development and reduction of poverty.

The Chief Secretary is being given four laptop computers to be presented to the best four winning students who pursued engineering courses in some higher learning institutions in the country. The students who did not attend the occasion excelled in their final exams. The laptop computers were later given to the Chairman of the ERB Board Professor Lema on their behalf.

The Chief Secretary Mr. Philemon Luhanjo read his statement to engineers below whom he urged to work hard to overcome the challenges of the “Kilimo Kwanza” and wanted them to bring their outcome reports next year.

A cross section of various engineers who attended the meeting.

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