Saturday, August 21, 2010

NGO Spends over 4bn/- on development projects

A NON-GOVERMENTAL Organisation Ibuga ADP which operates at Kamachumu Division, in Muleba District has spent over 4bn/- on implementation of various development projects. Ibuga ADP Co-ordinator, Mr Prosper Mujungu disclosed that the funds improved the agricultural sector, infrastructure, including construction of classrooms and paid school fees for orphans. He said emphasis would be on enabling Kamachumu residents to have access to safe and clean water and good sanitation, through constructing improved latrines and planting more trees for environmental conservation. Mr Mujungu noted that almost 80 per cent of Kamachumu Division was densely populated and tree planting would enhance both environmental conservation and domestic use. According to Mr Mujungu, the project was also focusing on rural transformation through assisting women groups, giving them technical skills and soft loans to undertake small but viable projects, including dairy goats and chicken rearing. He urged people to ensure the project is sustained and the infrastructure is well kept. Meanwhile, the Bukoba Municipal Council is planning to construct a modern parking complex at Kagondo Village, some five kilometres from Bukoba town. The project is estimated to cost 2bn/- upon completion and would accommodate buses and lorries. The Bukoba Municipal Director Mr Khamis Kaputa told reporters that implementation of the project had been delayed due to a court order following an injunction filed by a Dar es Salaam resident identified as Mr Amicus Rukamba. According to Mr Kaputa, Mr Rukamba filed a court injunction at the Bukoba Lands and Housing Tribunal seeking an order to stop the Bukoba Municipal Council from further development until the matter was settled. He said the council had contacted the Lands Tribunal asking for permission to settle the matter out of court and that the prayer had been granted. ''We have received the court's permission allowing us to consult with Mr Rukamba and settle the matter out of court. But, we are still at an early negotiation stage'', he said. Mr Kaputa also explained that the council was planning to carry out another project through upgrading the old bus stand. It will be replaced by a modern commercial premises with parking space for buses only. He noted that the council was negotiating with the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) to forge a joint partnership in the project. Mr Kaputa said at this stage, the council was looking for a consultant to write a financial proposal. He was hesitant to reveal the amount of funds involved or when the project would take off. He, however, said during 2009/2010 the council had set aside a total of 67m/- for improvement of parking space at the Bukoba bus stand.

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