Saturday, September 18, 2010

ERB celebrates engineers’ day

The Board also adheres to the code of conduct which bare standards at the international level and accepts all standards which are acknowledged worldwide, says the Board’s Registrar, Engineer. Steven .D. Mlote. The Code is based on broad tenets of truth, honesty and trustworthiness, respect for human life and welfare, fairness, openness, competence and accountability; engineering excellence, protection of the environment and sustainable development.

This is a famous Shorprite shopping centre whose company a Botswana based owns the Miliman City Hall which is adjacent to a conference hall, the scenery is as can be seen when taken through the glass that separate the corridor with the main faced of the building

The Permanent Secretary Omary Chambo is being taken round by the Chairman of the ERB Board, Professor Ninatubu Lema, trailing behind them is Engineer Margreth Munyagi who is the Deputy ERB Board chairman. Engineer Munyagi is also the Director General of the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority.

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