Saturday, September 18, 2010

Towards refurbishing engineers in Tanzania

According to him, the board ensures construction works are performed excellently to avoid queries from the general public on a particular building project. However, he says that an engineer whose work is found to have flouted the board’s rules is removed out of the registration list and or sometimes may face trial for an extensive damage caused intentionally. Let it be clear to engineers that the engineering community in Tanzania is a working brigade for stimulating and spearheading socio-economic development in the country, and one aspect for ERB towards this development it has strengthened capacity building. To implement its mandate, the Board has the capacity to screen, generate and effect engineering applications as well as offer solutions to engineering-related problems. It is the engineers who conduct research on design, manage operations, maintain and repair structures, machines, plants and equipment.

Here an exhibitor at the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority stand explaining a point to the guest of honour when he approached the stand

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