Saturday, July 24, 2010

Worn out tires, causes accidents

I recently traveled to Mwanza from Dar es Salaam with a famous Champion bus Service based in Dodoma, when one tyre burst and good enough this was a hind tyre. The situation caused fear among the passengers who when the bus stopped at Dodoma, some of us inspected the remaining tires to find out if they were safe, only to see that almost all of the tires were out of order. We hurriedly reported the matter to traffic police who ordered the bus to a police station.

Champion bus on I was travelling has its burstr tire exchangfed at Dumila 12 away from Morogoro town.

The bus at police station in Dodoma when some passengers found some irregularities with other tires when it stopped at Dodoma

The owners looked for the new tires and exchanged them with the worn out ones at the police. The work that consumed us a lot of time to proceed with our journey. It has been a common practice to see that most transporters in Tanzania do not value the life of their passengers an aspect that there has been a occurred a number of accidents in most parts of the country.