Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sasatel launches new Internet service packages

Sasatel has launched new Unlimited Internet service package referred to as bundles which will allow customers to subscribe for unlimited internet at their convenience.
While launching this new product recently, the Sasatel Data Product Officer, Muffadal Essaji said, “We know that many Tanzanians need a time based internet connection that is unlimited as well as easy to understand while enabling the customers to control the cost”. The Sasatel time based unlimited internet bundles that were launched include the Month surf, the Weekend surf, the Night surf, the Evening surf and the Hour Surf. These bundles can be accessed through the Fixed Wireless Desk phones, the Music phones or the Smartphone that are all internet enabled and are available at all Sasatel shops.
“Our customers are now able to browse the internet at their own convenience at a speed of 153.6Kbps through our state of the art CDMA network. This is in line with our continuous support for the development of the ICT sector in Tanzania as well as ensuring that internet can now be accessed by the population of Tanzania”, added Muffadal. Sasatel is financed by its majority shareholder PME Infrastructure Fund that is listed on the AIM Stock Exchange in London, with significant Tanzanian ownership.

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