Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tanzanian Businesses need aggressive entrepreneurs

Tanzanians should work hard and come up with new skills, ideas and concepts in order to maintain the insurance industry in the common market, a top Tanzanian insurance director has said. Speaking exclusively with the media recently in Dar es salaam the Director of Finance and Administration of Milembe Insurance Company Ltd, Geofrey Mukulu said Kenyans and Ugandans will subdue Tanzanians in the insurance sector because of their “competence”. However, he said to him it is wealth and good news but for other Tanzanians it will be difficult to cope because Kenyans are knowledgeable and have skills and ideas” said Mukulu who was born in Tanzania in Bukoba district but grew up and studied in Kenya. He said that the culture of “despair” and laziness” of Tanzanians will affect them during stiff competition in marketing scrambles to make the common market a reality in East Africa. Our people have no competition in blood and are often lazy, while Kenyans and others work twelve hours during weekend” he said.
Mukulu pointed out that the neighbors are “aggressive” in doing works especially in insurance sector as it would be difficult for Tanzanians to invest in Kenyan soil saying that: “the time is not now may be in the long run”. “People here have to change mentality and start trying ….and they should work hard even on Saturdays in order to cope with Kenyans.” The new trade bloc aims to work towards economic policies that are pro-market, pro-private sector and pro-liberalisation. By pooling their resources and promoting free trade within the region, the East African Community aims to emerge as a leading trade entity in East Africa.

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