Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lack of industries impends local farmers in Tanzania

The orange picking season is here again, but it’s too discouraging to note that, vendors of this product do not have a suitable market to sell their products. But this issue has to be looked at critically by the government through the ministry concerned of trade and industry.

Orange traders at Ubungo near TANESCO power supply station.

Orange traders with their products spread on the ground at Tabata relini in Dar es Salaam.

However, the Minister in charge of the Ministry, Dr. Mary Nagu has been pressuring the government to at least establish canned industries in order to empower local farmers as well as have locally manufactured fresh juice from locally produced orange fruits but seemingly the ideas have been dashed off. The government seems to have tuirned a blind eye to small scale farmers in the country. It is also very shameful for a country like Tanzania which is so productive and lacks a reliable market for its products as seen above here traders have to spread down their products for their potential customers to pick. Why shouldn’t the government take an action of creating a conducive environment for small scale farmers and instead take a keen interest to outside investors?

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