Monday, January 22, 2018

Minister maintains livestock’s identification marks

Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, Mr Luhaga Mpina, has maintained that the livestock identification exercise will not be extended, urging animal breeders to raise their voices to ensure that their animals are branded by the end of this month. He also warned some government officials who refuse to stamp the animals - cows and donkeys - on the pretext that they are not legitimate residents of the respective areas.“This exercise should not be associated with protracted conflicts of land use and so all cows and donkeys must be stamped, except those from neighbouring countries,” he said.Speaking to journalists in Dodoma on the evaluation of the exercise, he said until January 16, this year, a total of 10,306,359 cows - equivalent to 59.3 per cent of the target - have been stamped, an increase of 20 per cent of the initial assessment. Moreover, he said livestock keepers across the country who will not stamp their animals within the prescribed period, punitive measures will be taken against them in accordance with the Law of Identification, Registration and Monitoring No. 12 of 2010 Article 4 Section 26. He warned that district councils which will fail to the exercise, punitive action will be taken against their leaders. So far, 100 councils have stamped more than 50 per cent, 54 council have stamped among 10 to 50 per cent, 14 councils have made less than 10 per cent, while nine councils have yet to implement the exercise. 

Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, Mr Luhaga Mpina,

Mr Mpina mentioned the councils which have not yet stamped their animals as Tandahimba, Nanyumbu, Mafia, Newala, Newala, Nanyamba, Masasi and Kigamboni and Ilemela municipalities in Dar es Salaam and Mwanza respectively. An estimated 68 councils which have accomplished less than 50 per cent and those which are yet to start the exercise have their names submitted to the Prime Minister. According to the minister, six councils have many dairy cows - 782,995 to date. A total of 572,353 donkeys are expected to be stamped. He said there was an increase of 20.8 per cent in a two-week period from the time of the cumulative release. The increase is due to the combined efforts of outreach conducted between the ministry and the councils, with a significant contribution given by the media. A representative of the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Water, Mashimba Ndaki, commended the efforts made by the ministry in regulating the practice of stamping animals which has been supported by many livestock keepers in the country.

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