Monday, January 22, 2018

Government to repair old schools

The Minister in President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government,  Mr Seleman Jafo, yesterday expressed his satisfaction over the good refurbishment of the oldest public secondary schools countrywide. He was speaking during his tour that is aimed at examining development project progress in Kisarawe District, Coast Region. He said that remarkable development was also noted in secondary school up-grading activities from Ordinary to Advanced levels. Mr Jafo pointed out that the government has set aside over 89bn/- for oldest school rehabilitation activities in terms of installing all kinds of modern infrastructure in general. “Rehabilitation involves addition of classrooms and hostels, installation of waste and sewage water systems and construction of modern science laboratories, to mention a few. That is for oldest schools for which funds have been directed to their managements,” he said. 

The Minister in President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government,  Mr Seleman Jafo, 

At the same time, the government has also issued various funds through municipalities and councils,  pecifically for both primary and secondary school expansion activities. The minister appreciated the job done saying that some of the upgraded learning institutions were ready to accommodate a good number of Form Five students in June.Kisarawe District Acting Director, Mr Patrick Allule, assured the minister that upgrading activities at Kimani Secondary school, which received 215m/-, were in final stages to extent that launching preparations were underway. The exercise will be held in April, this year. He explained that Kisarawe Council received over 950m/ for primary and secondary schools improvements; assuring that all activities will be finalised in the given time-frame. “Manelumango Secondary School was turned into High School last year with about 60 students. First student enrollment at Kimani secondary in June is a must and expansions at Kibuta secondary, which is to remain at the same ordinary level, are almost over.

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