Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A referral hospital to be built in Katavi region

In a bid to expand health services and make it more affordable in almost all regions in ther country as per the policy, the  government is expecting to build a referral hospital in Katavi region at a cost of 11bn/-. Already 114 citizens have been compensated for their land and property since 2013 to pave the way for construction of the regional referral facility. However, the Katavi Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Raphael Muhuga, has expressed his dismay after visiting the 243 hectares of land set aside for the construction of the regional referral facility. The area has been invaded by people who are farming. Some people have even passed chunks of land to others for agriculture activities. He was accompanied by members of the regional security and defence team and senior officials. He visited the area which is six kilometres away from Mpanda Town. He said that so far the government has already allocated 1.0bn/- for the initial construction work. Vividly irked by the invasion, the RC cautioned the invaders, saying that once the government disbursed the already allocated over 1bn/- for construction of the facility before June, this year, all maize and oth er food crops growing on the invaded plot of land will be destroyed to pave the way for the construction. Mr Muhuga said that already tenders for the construction of the referral hospital structure have been floated.

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