Wednesday, September 7, 2016

TTCL assures engineers and contractors of reliable telecom services

TANZANIA Telecommunication Limited (TTCL) has assured engineers and contractors executing projects in the remote areas of satellite internet to ease access communication services. The TTCL’s official, Engineer Yonah Kulanga said in Dar es Salaam at the weekend that the telecom firm was ready to offer communication services to engineers and contractors who implement projects in remote areas, where there are no communication tower or any other form of modern communication system. “TTCL is looking forward to provide communication services through satellite, this will enable many contractors to make business related communication when they are in the field,” he noted. He said TTCL has come up with a solution to communication barrier among contractors and that they will ensure them communication services through satellite. According to Mt Kulanga, the company is ready to offer the said service to any person who wish to stay connected with internet and other related communication services. He mentioned some areas where TTCL is already offering the service as to some national parks in Rukwa, Londo forest in Lindi Region, Serengeti National Park in Mara Region, Makutupora research centre and Tawiri centre in Dodoma. Also TTCL provided communication services to some Kongwa areas which are mostly used for grazing animal. The National ICT Broadband Backbone (NICTBB) Engineer, Nsaji Mwamukonda asked contractors to use TTCL’s data centre for safely keeping their crucial information. He said contractors have many information, which are important for future projects and that they must use TTCL database to keep them safe. “I would like to use this opportunity to convince and ask contractors across the country to preserve their data through our data centre, it is safe and reliable,” he said

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