Monday, September 19, 2016

Mara region invites investors to run meat factory

MARA Region is set to get its first modern meat factory after investors showed interest to establish a meat and beef processing plant to tap into huge potential of meat industry in the Lake Zone region. The Regional Commissioner, Dr Charles Mlingwa said in an interview that investors who have shown interest to set up a modern meat factory in the region are welcomed. “I have already met investors and discussed about establishment of the meat factory,” he said noting with about two million heads of cattle, tourism hotels and mining companies, Mara Region had huge potential for beef industry. Singita Grumeti Reserves which is made up of two lodges and a tent camp and Seronera Wildlife Lodge at the vast Serengeti National Park are some a number of hotel and lodges in the region and potential markets for processed meat products. “Local market is huge. We have gold mines and many tourist hotels which use imported meat,” Dr Mlingwa explained. Establishment of the factory, he said will help boost incomes of livestock keepers as well as creating job opportunities in the region. Mara region, he said has reminded gateway for export of live cows to the neighbouring countries, a trend that should come to an end. “Instead of exporting raw products we need to add value and the chain value of a meat factory has a lot of benefits,” the RC said.

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