Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Magufuli’s use of ATC plane to Z’bar, a proof to revive the ailing industry

PRESIDENT John Magufuli’s decision to use the ATC plane for his Zanzibar tour last weekend was proof that the head of state is determined to revive Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL), the Minister responsible for Transport has said. “I was astonished -- and happy with the president’s decision to fly to Zanzibar using an Air Tanzania plane,” said the Minister for Works, Transport and Communications, Professor Makame Mbarawa. When given an opportunity to ‘say something’ after the South Pemba Regional Commissioner (RC), Ms Mwanajuma Majid Abdalla, introduced him to the audience at a public rally in Pemba before it was addressed by President Magufuli, Prof Mbarawa said the president’s move to use the ATC plane has motivated him to ensure that the corporation is fully equipped to serve Tanzanians. 

President John Magufuli disembarks from an ATCL aircraft at Pemba Island he had boarded from Dar es Salaam.

Prof Mbarawa said the current workable plans were enabling ATC to move forward towards becoming the most reliable in the country to expand to regional and international and compete with other air transport companies. “People should have hopes and expect a productive corporation,” Prof Mbarawa said amid cheers at the rally as the Minister of State in the Zanzibar President’s Office, Mr Mohamed Aboud Mohamed, told Dr Magufuli that Zanzibaris were happy with his leadership. Mr Mohamed said people have trust in the president and that he remains ‘talk of the town’ because of his style of leadership. “Everyone is happy. CCM made a wise decision to nominate Dr Magufuli to stand for Union presidency,” the minister stressed Dr Magufuli was in Zanzibar for a two-day tour of Pemba and Unguja, island where he insisted on the need to promote peace, stability and unity in the country, sidelining political hatred and division to pave way for social and economic development.

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