Tuesday, September 8, 2015

UKAWA blasts government for incitement

Members of the political parties that form the Coalition of the Defenders of People’s Constitution (UKAWA) have raised their grave concern over what they described as incitement being propagated by the ruling party with the aim of destroying their campaigns. Speaking to journalists last week in Dar es Salaam, Ukawa’s interim Chairman James Mbatia has accused the ruling party for misusing the national television station and another electronic media such as the Star TV station for propagation to suppress the movements of Ukawa in their campaigns. He gave an example of the Star TV which airs the former video clips depicting the former Prime Minister Fredrick Sumaye who recently announced his quest to help the Ukawa group in their campaigns, saying that is one way to publicly ridiculing him. He noted that, the video clips are shown during the time the former Premier was a CCM cadre and compare with the current videos when he is no longer a member of the ruling party and noted that is not fair and insisted that, defecting from a party is something normal for a politician life. In view of this, however, he has blasted the government through the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) for failure to take action an entity tasked to ensure the recently endorse cyber laws are taking effects against the offenders. Mbatia has also accused the Dar es Salaam city Mayor Dr. Didas Masaburi for what he described as an act of incitement when he (Masaburi) collected some few youths at Kinondoni district purporting to be followers of the former Chadema Secretary General Dr. Wibroad Slaa and commanded them tom riot. He said this is total incitement and warned the security forces and intelligence security to be aware of this that, a nation is now going astray as it would come to an extreme when the oppressed will riot in the same way as what had happened in Kenya after post election of 2007. 

Ukawa interim Chairman James Mbatia in difiant mood when talking to journalists in Dar es Salaam about how the ruling party is jeopardizing the Ukawa campaign movements.

He said the two incidents together with others have really tarnished the good name of the Ukawa group which seems to have become a great threat to the ruling party especially at this time when campaigns have come to a high pick point countrywide. He has however warned the ruling party to desist from doing any movements as these are likely to cause mass clandestine in future as such incitements would not be tolerated by people the majority of whom wants political changes to occur in the country. He gave an example of the past such like incidents of the related incitements which occurred way back in 2000 during the second multipartism general election when the ruling parties beard false evidences against the Civic United Front (CUF) when it had accused the party to have supplied a container full of machetes and sharpened weapons. Other incitements he has mentioned is where unfairness has began to be seen in campaigns whereby he blasted the government for having taken to task Godless Lema for interrogation where they claimed to have exceeded six minutes on a podium while addressing a rally, and questioned the rationale of the ruling party which exceeded half an hour during the inauguration of their campaigns at Jangwani grounds. Another incitement he noted is when the billboard carrying a portrait of the presidential flag bearer for Ukawa Edward Lowassa was pulled down at Kariakoo area and when the group members enquired for reasons were notified that it was ordered from the top government officials. In Iringa he said that, Ukawa’s supporters had been arrested by the police on claims that had in possession of the placards bearing the portrait of their presidential contender and are under the police interrogation, an aspect that shows incitements. He noted that, they have reported the matter to the National Electoral Commission (NEC) who has advised them to file claims.

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