Monday, September 28, 2015

Bisimba: Government contributes more to violation of human rights

An activist has described the high rate of violation against human rights in the country is growing at an alarming rate, and condemned the government main security organs to be contributing a lot by 60 percent,  it has been learnt. The Executive Director of Legal Human Rights Centre (LHRC) Dr. Helen Kijo-Bisimba made a concern on Saturday last week in Dar es Salaam at the occasion to mark the 20th Anniversary celebrations of the Centre which was graced by various human right groups working in the country. The occasion went alongside with the launching of a 486 paged book titled, “The struggle of Human rights in Tanzania” that describes the history and the main activities the centre has been contending with since its establishment in 1995. In her speech, Dr. Bisimba noted that, security organs in the country have the tendency of hiding the truth about most serious matters which have been exposed that reveals involvement of some imminent government officials in particular financial scandals in the country. She mentioned the issue of grand corruption and noted that, whenever such malpractices have been exposed to the general public, no any action has been taken against the perpetrators. Citing an example of the biggest financial scandals ever happened in the country in recent years such as the EPA, Richmond, purchase of radar, and Escrow issue and noted that, all these have denied the rights of tax payers in the country.

The Executive Director of Legal Human Rights Centre (LHRC) Dr. Helen Kijo-Bisimba 

Elaborating more with specific examples taking Escrow issue as a case study, she said that the development partners ceased the release of fund to run the development projects in the country.  “This is such a vivid example and a surprise that shows that security organs are not working for the people to endure good governance in the country”, she said adding that it was amusing to see that no any leader has been held accountable out of all these malpractices.  “This is a violation of human rights as people are denied their basic rights which have been taken by few into their pockets a result of which there is no money with which to give special attention to the people who remains stranded without any services rendered to them”,  she asserted. However, she went further and described other acts as related to some serious mischief notably the abduction of people who spearhead the rights of the people in the country such as the former Chairman of the Medical Association Steven ulimboka is contrary to the human right situation. She noted that, the action had tarnished a good name of a country overseas and other acts such as that of journalists Saed Kubenea and Absalom kibanda. He also associated acts such as the killings of a television journalist David Mwangosi and the suspension of newspapers in the country as all associated with violation of human rights. She elaborated in broader perspective and noted that, human rights violation is generalized as the denial of legal rights entitled to a person that also includes basic services such as health education and many others in communities. Coming to the real meaning, she said that whenever all these services are not provided on time as required, the government has to give explanations and failure to that is accounted to perform in satisfaction.

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