Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Construction of terminal III at JNIA nears completion

The construction pace of the on-going multibillion third passengers’ complex terminal at the Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) in Dar es Salaam has reached at an average rate of 90 percent, it has been learnt. The Director of the Project Engineer Mohammed Millanga said early this week in Dar es Salaam that, the first phase building which is expected to accommodate 3.5 million passengers in a year is expected to end up on June 2016 (next year). Engineer Millanga made the clarification during the visit of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport Dr. Shabaan Mwinjaka who visited the site on Tuesday last week which is located at former Kipawa suburban on the outskirts of the city to see for himself how the construction is progressing. He said the second phase of the construction project whose foundation building is not yet laid down will start immediately on the completion of the first one and is expected to end a year later up to June 2017 respectively. The latter building will accommodate 2.5 passengers in a year. Engineer Millanga clarified that the project which will cost a whooping Euro 235 million (Sh. 518 billion is partly funded by the government in collaboration with BAM International of Netherlands, and a consultant from Arab Consulting Engineers of Egypt. 

The Director General of the Tanzania Airport Authority (TAA) Mr. Sulleiman Sulleiman explaining a point to journalists during their visit at the ongoing construction of the terminal 3 building in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday last week..

Elaborating more about the extent rate to which the construction has picked up on specific areas, Eng. Millanga said that, iron fixing is complete by 90 percent, the availability of wall bricks are by 80 percent, roofing is complete by 60 percent, and installation of toilet facilities in various rooms is complete by 25 percent. Other areas of construction which are completed in halfway are water sewerage systems is complete by 80 percent, electricity wiring and ducts is completed by 30 percent, construction of car parking arcade is completed by 75 percent, while Apron, Taxiway, Access road and Parking for plane lots are complete by 30 percent. Despite of progress made so far, Eng. Millanga noted that the project is faced with lots of challenges that includes lack of money to keep going the project especially the construction of underground fuel tanks whereby they are currently looking for the strategic investor to accomplish the work. In response, the Permanent Secretary Dr. Mwinjaka made a promise on behalf of the government to disburse funds to enable complete the first phase of the project at a stated time frame. Describing the suitability of the project on its completion, the Director General of the Tanzania Airport Authority (TAA) Suleiman .S. Suleiman said that, it will have the status just like other international airports in the world such as that one of Heathrow in UK, and the one in Dubai. He said planes which are being served in those airports will be coming here as there will be all the facilities needed and other infrastructure available like in those airports. He further noted that, there will be a special train to be introduced by the government to ferry passengers while entering and going out of the airport and take them to various places in the city of Dar es Salaam. He said adding that, this will be constructed later as its plans are underway. Responding over the issue, the Permanent Secretary Dr. Mwinjaka confirmed that, the government is expected to undergo a feasibility study to establish the cost of the train and noted that the government is expected to spend about Sh. 2.9 billion to accomplish the work. He said the train will serve about 6 million passengers in a year and its operation will be under the private sector and will use special Ashok Leyland engines. The routes through which the train will pass are Dar-Mwakanga up to Pugu through Airport. Other designated routes for the train would be from Dar city centre -Ubungo-Kibaha, another one from Dar-Mwenge-Bunju, Dar-Mivinjeni-Mkuranga in Coast region.  Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA) was established on 29th November 1999 vide Government Notice Number 404 of 1999 under the Executive Agency Act Number 30 of 1997.  The Authority assumed the functions of the former Directorate of Aerodromes under the Ministry of Communications and Transport currently the Ministry of Transport. The establishment of the Agency is part of the Government efforts in changing the public service structure which is geared towards improving service delivery

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