Wednesday, August 12, 2015

UTT AMIS advices community members to join with national security funds

GROUP community members such as farmers, livestock keepers and Bodaboda drivers in the country have been advised to invest their money in national security funds with a view to earn interests which would enable increase their business capital. The concern was issued early this week by Public Relations and Marketing officer of the UTT AMIS Fund  Rahimu Mwanga when speaking with journalists at a weeklong farmers’ exhibition whose celebrations  ends today. Speaking at Ngongo show ground which is located at Lindi Municipal Council, Mwanga said that, a joint investment security funds have an opportunity to enable most business groups that includes , institutions, companies and individuals to invest their resources. Speaking about his company UTT AMIS, Mwanga noted that his firm has a greater role to play in the Tanzanian community so as to alleviate them from abject poverty facing most Tanzanians. He mentioned small funds that operate under the umbrella of the UTT AMIS which includes unity fund, life investments, children fund, and the fund that enables people to conduct their life. He also mentioned various reasons that made such funds to increase their capacity building into curbing various problems facing their customers that includes sensitisation and education which they provide tin order to make them join them a result of which most customers benefit. He also noted that such funds to not have limitations for investments as prospective investors might decide to invest in any of their small funds and the b3enefits attained out of their investment potentials. “The aim is to enable farmers and livestock and other individuals financially so that they might increase their capital as an inducement to make them invest more”, he said.  On the side for their members, Mwanga noted that already their small funding groups have about 120,000 members who have a total of the working capital which is worth about Sh. 23.8 billion.

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