Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Five CCM members emerge in protest against Ngeleja in Sengerema

FIVE staunch members of the ruling party (CCM) who emerged to contest for the Parliamentary seat in Sengerema constituency in Mwanza region have written a complaining letter to protest a landslide victory of the incumbent MP claiming the impending  violations of laws during the just ended opinion polls. The letter was sent to the CCM Secretary General Abdulrahaman Kinana and av copy of which was sent to the CCM Vice-Chairman (Manland Tanzania) Phillip Mang’ula and other copies to  party’s regional leaders including the regional party secretary Miraji Mtaturu. Speaking last week on behalf of others, one of the members who failed in opinion polls Joshua Shimiyu complained that, the exercise was marred with violence and that there were some delays of papers at some polling stations in some wards  an aspect that fairness was not strictly observed according to the election law. “There are some wards such as Chifufuand Juma Kisiwani which received polling papers late at noon  hours, whereas those papers for councilors’ election were dispatched earlier in the morning an aspect that member voters casted their votes to councilors and departed with none of them who could not get a clear clarifications as to why the papers for the parliamentary elections were late”, he said. Others who participated in writing such a letter are Anna Shija, Lawrence Masha, Musa Lugoye and Dk. Angelina Samike who are among the 13 contesters of the seat who had emerged to try their luck whereby the imncumbent MP and former Minister for Energy and Minerals Ngeleja scooped 15,854 votes followed by Shimiyu who got 3,95 whereas the third winner Philemon Tano got 3,603 votes. Shimiyu disclosed that, there were a collection of the member register books which h was done in a secret manner in some of the party branches at various wards such as Bikoto in Buyagu ward and Itonjambasa whereby unregistered names were secretly entered so that Ngeleja could become a winner. Either he noted that, what the election supervisor Lameck Mahewa did  wrong by announcing Masha the second winner in 5the fist election results whereas according to him, he was not ought to score the second position of the opinion polls. 

A Member of Parliament for Sengerema constituency and former Minister for Energy and Minerals William Ngeleja 

After all the complaints were sent, the committee selected discovered on 3rd at 16:00 hours that the last results which had been announced found out that a complainant Shimiyu scored the second position and Masha got the fourth position.  Complaints contained in that letter noted that there were unregistered polling stations which had been formed secretly an aspect that is contrary to CCM directives which says that every registered CCM branch should be made a polling station for members at6b that particular place. “We had witnessed people who do not own CCM cards are allowed to vote just because they had paid for their cards, citing an example at Mlaga polling station at Buyuga ward which had violated the principles of voter as stipulated in party’s constitution section 13 (4)”, he said. Either other complaints were directed to a political committee of the district which did not strictly follow the geographical position and the environment during the campaigns which according to such complaints did not give freedom of expression to some members in other branches. When contacted for comments, Mwanza regional party secretary Miraji Mtaturu admitted to have received such complaints through letter writing and said that there are such complaints as related with the election results in almost all CCM branches where opinion polls were done.

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