Friday, August 21, 2015

Gongo La Mboto residents suffers due to power blues

RESIDENTS of Gongo la Mboto area and its surrounding environs are aught to buy a 20 litre pail full of water at Sh. 500 from the earlier Sh. 100 at a residential house with a water well which is being pumped by a running generator. Owners of water wells have been forced to increase an exorbitant price rate of a pail of water due to higher running costs they incur of fuel for their generators to pump water from their wells following a power blackout which has occurred in the areas now for six days consecutively. The survey conducted in the area on Thursday this week has witnessed scores of women walking around in search of fresh water being pumped up from the underground wells following a blackout situation following a power cut off in the area that occurred on Monday this week. “We do not have any means of survival except to buy water at such an exorbitant price rate” said Amina Mwajabu who is residing at Markaz one of the mostly affected hamlets area. She said at her home she has to use about five pails per day for cooking and washing utensils, an aspect that has to use fresh water to keep her and rest of family members in hygienic conditions. This paper has also discovered that, there are some households with normal wells whose owners charges Sh. 200 but the water is so salty that is not fit for use e specially cooking and washing of utensils or clothes. Due to this situation, the Guardian on Sunday has discovered that most residential houses have been experiencing problems of accessing their goods when night  falls with others have their cell phones locked for lack of recharging, while hotel businesses are deteriorated with few others have opted to close them up for lack of fresh water which purposely is more useful for drinking and cooking. Counting for the losses in his businesses, one Rashid Abdallah who runs a small hotel in the area, said that, his businesses had been deteriorated due to lack of power as there is no water now for the sixth day  now. Contacted for comments, the Tanesco’s Public Communications Manager, Adrian Severine said in a telephone interview that, power went off at Gongo la Mboto following a big transformer that is located closer to an area where former Sungura Textile Mills was located blew up. He said that, many places have been affected such as Majohe Mongolandege, Ulongoni, Chanika, Mvuti and Pugu Kajiungeni However he said that, the TANESCO management had to take another transformer which was stored at Bagamoyo  to replace the defective one which hopefully would be tested to start supplying power today (Sunday).

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