Monday, April 20, 2015

Tokomeza report in President’s hands

PRESIDENT Jakaya Kikwete has received a report of  ‘Tokomeza’ and has hailed the contents on the reports saying that the operation has come to an end, a statement issued by the Directorate of the Communications at State House has said. According to the statement, the report was handed to the President last week in Dar es Salaam by the Chairman of the inquiry commission Ambassador retired Hamisi Amiri Msumi, which he has appointed on May 1st 2014. The President gave the task to a commission to investigate various allegations that led to the violation of laws and procedures during the implementation of the Tokomeza operation which was conducted throughout the country that aimed at looking for poachers and other crimninals at national parks. After receiving the report, President Kikwete has assured the nation that it will be made officially known to the general public in two weeks time from now and how it will be dealt with. Either President Kikwete had given the task to a commission of proposing what could be the legal steps to be taken against those who would be implicated directly in the incidences that led to the violation of the legal rights during the past operation. The President also had directed members of the inquiry commission to advice on what should be the best way to be done in the implementation of the operation like this one in future. The President also issued six major areas to be concentrated on by the commission as it were highlighted in a government statement No: 131 of the year 2014. These were as follows. To investigate how the operation was conducted, how officers tasked to carry out the exercise followed the right procedures stipulated in the law, principles and regulations. Others were to see if the officers given the task followed the directives issued to them and see if there were any people who violated the rules and directives. Judge said to the President that, when performing his duties his commission toured 20 regions and 38 districts and deceived numerous complaints  Then formation of t5he commission followed the report which was issued in parliament last year by a Parliamentary select Committee Chairman James Lembeli and which led to the resignation of three ministers. The Ministers who were forced by the Members of Parliaments to resign included the Minister for Home Affairs Dr. Emmanuel Nchimbi, the Minister for Defense, Vuai Shamshi Nahodha nd the Minister for Tourism and Natural Resources Hamisi Kagasheki.

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