Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Shortage of science teachers, the government trains 5,000

Due to the increased shortage of science teachers in secondary schools in the country, the government has issued loans to 5,000 science students to pursue a Diploma in teaching on science subjects. The Minister for Education and Vocational Training Dr. Shukuru Kawambwa said over the week in Bagamoyo district when he was inspecting a construction of a laboratory for Kingani secondary school in the district which does not have physics teachers for three years now. Minister Kawabwa noted that, there has been a greater need of such teachers in the country, and because of the prevailing situation, the government has decided to seek for loans to fund 5,000 students to fill the gaps, and that already 2,000 of them have already reported at University of Dodoma. However, Dr. Kawambwa was not satisfied b y the school dev elopement academically due to the drastic fall in students’ performance rate in their final examinations for the last three years. “I am directing the Chairman of the Board and the education officer to do with all their efforts to make sure that, the school increases its academic performance rate and that, being a ward secondary school, it should not be the reason for it not to perform better”, Minister Dr. Kawambwa said. In his tour of the district, Minister Kawambwa who is also a Member of Parliament for Bagamoyo constituency, also inspected a laboratory of Vigwaza secondary school  and later had a chance to talk to his people of Visezi village in Vigwaza ward.

Tanzania's Minister for Education and Vocational Training Dr. Shukuru Kawambwa.

While addressing, villagers aired out their various claims for his failure to fulfill some of the things he promised them during the campaigns of 2010 which includes clean water supply and good roads in the village. In addition to that, villagers also claimed that there is a great shortage of teachers in Visenzi primary school which has only 5 teachers. Responding to these queries, Minister Kawambwa continued to make a promise and work closely with village management to solve these problems before the next general elections sets in,. However, he blamed village leaders for their failure to inform him before and wait for him to come and visit them. Meanwhile, shortage of teachers in various primary schools in the country has affected some schools to have fewer number of teachers. The Visenzi Primary school in Bagamoyo district is a typical example and in order to curb with the problem, villagers have employed their children who completed secondary school to teach their pupils. The villagers expressed their concern to their MP who is also the Minister for Education Dr. Shukuru Kawambwa during his visit to their village. The village chairman Hamisi Kiatala said in a public meeting that for a period of less than 10 years now there has been a long shortage of teachers in the school, a challenge which has never been solved forever. Kitala noted that, the village government agreed with the people and decided to employ their seven children who recently finished form four studies from various secondary schools in the country.  This jus after having seen that, there was no any plans by the government to bring in teachers to help pupils at the school, and that these teachers are paid a total of Sh., 15,000 each one on a weekly basis. The chairman is surprised to see that there is no close relations between a village with other neighboring villages in the sense that Vigwaza which is nearest to it has 30 teachers while Ruvu Darajani has 27 teachers. He asked to get to know what criteria does the ministry use in the distribution of teachers in its primary schools in the country. He noted that, other challenges facing the school is lack of clean water which is a great problem and not reliable. This situation is also in some neighboring villages of changedere, Kisogo and Chauru. In all these villages, a pail of water is costing Sh. 700 each. Another resident ion a village known buy his name as Mshauri Tengeneza wanted the MP to solve the problems more quickly while threatening him that if he won’t fulfill the promises on time, then they won ‘t elect him in the coming general election slated for October this year. However, Dr. Shukuru promised them to work on these problems even before the October elections sets in . He said that he would be working very closely with village leaders to ensure that all is settle down peacefully.
“Teachers’ problems would end in earnest for the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Administration, education unit have plans to employ teachers, but you village leaders haven’t yet told me before these problems, but I am sure to solve them quickly.

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