Friday, April 3, 2015

Police: We can’t disclose ways to curb terrorists

THE Police force has extended its call of cooperation among citizens in the country and directed them to report immediately people whom they suspect to be associated with acts of terrorism in their various dwelling places. A Spokesperson of the Police force, SSP Advera Bulimba said on Wednesday this week that, there have been frequent threats of terrorist attacks in the country and the police have put in place various security measures in order to curb with any possible attack. SSP Bulimba said last week in an exclusive interview when contacted with a view to know how the police are alerted following recent terrorist attacks which emerged in Tanga region and what measures have they put in place to curb further attacks. Responding to the request however, she said that, “for security reasons, it was not fair to disclose the strategic means which the police have put in place for that would open up an opportunity for terrorists to take advantage of escaping and swiftly accomplish their work smoothly”. However, she has thanked Tanzanians for their continued cooperation they have shown with the police force which has to a greater extent helped them to successfully foiled various planned mischief and which has led to the apprehension of suspects including terrorists. The call by the police has come three days after an international terrorist group known as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) sent an audio message to the leader of Al-Shabaab group, Abu Abaidah to extend their terrorist attacks in three countries including Tanzania. However according to the message which had been reported in the website of the Television of Aljazeera on Tuesday this week, other countries mentioned in the message are Ethiopia and Kenya. In that audio message which was translated into two languages of French and English, a representative of ISIL Hamil Al-Bushra praised the Al-Shabaab group for the good terrorist work it has committed in Kenya and requested him to extend further attacks and establish a stronghold in Tanzania and Ethiopia.  

This is how terrorists are doing to their victims once arrested by them. A man is short from behind while his both arms are tied across his back. This is terrible, may the lord God help.

The website is quoted as saying that, the communication link with ISIL group came about after the leader of a terrorist group of Boko Haram from Nigeria Aboubakar Shekau swore to cooperate with ISIL group in terrorist mission attacks, and requested him to be faithful to accomplish their mission. Earlier upon hearing such news, the Guardian contacted a spokesperson of the Tanzania People’s Defense Forces (TPDF) Major Masanja for comments in a telephone interview and said that, TPDF is not directly concerned with any planned terrorist attacks from outside or within the country as such matters have to be investigated by the police for further action. Three months ago, Tanzania became a victim of the terrorist attack at Mikocheni Falls located at Amboni Village in Tanga Region whereby a military officer was killed, five others including two soldiers and three police officers seriously injured in a series of terrorist-style shoot-outs with heavily-armed group. The incident happened that turned into a war zone when TPDF soldiers in collaboration with police battled an armed group in which four combatants and two police officers were injured. Sources from the scene were quoted by the media as saying that, it was most likely the armed group was an offshoot of Al-Shabaab terrorist group. It would be recalled that on January 20, this year unknown people assaulted police officers who were on patrol in Tanga City and got away with two shotguns and 60 rounds of ammunition. Having noticed that police had underestimated the power of the gunmen they retreated before asking for help from TPDF soldiers who stormed the area the same day Two weeks ago, a man who called himself Kais bin Abdullah who claimed to be a leader of the “terrorist” group, appeared in a video clip casting threat to the police, prime minister, the government and non-Muslims.  He claimed involvement in attacks on police stations and the killings of Police officers in various regions across the country.  He said they had invaded Ikwiriri police post in Coast Region, Ushirombo Police post in Shinyanga and police post in Kilombero district, killing five police officers and stealing arms involving sub-machine guns, bullet rounds and bombs.

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