Monday, January 19, 2015

Under aged mothers a cause of high child mortality rate, says a medical expert

Mothers who conceive at a premature age of between 16 and 20 years are risked to lose their children or even themselves due to panic which overcomes them while giving birth bearing the fact that are younger, a medical expert has said. Dr. Delila Moshi who is currently in charge of the neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU) at Mwananyamala referral Hospital in Dar es Salaam city said on Wednesday this week that, most of these mothers do not take basic precautionary measures required of them when maintaining their pregnancy up to the time of delivery. Dr. Delila said in an exclusive interview that, as it is their first pregnancy, most of them have a tendency of shunning away from attending clinics whereby they could be enlightened on the basic principles of child health education and how to take care of themselves before and after child births. She said most of them lack proper education that could guide them into becoming enlightened on how they are supposed to do whenever are pregnant, and what steps could they undergo through in order to save their infants from being attacked by airborne diseases immediately after child birth. The medical expert was contacted the specialist and carried a round up survey with a view to know why both child and maternal mortality rates are increasing in the country, a factor which ironically has led to absolute failure by the government to meet the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) in the aspect of child and maternal health care. Dr. Delila mentioned other factors are due to failure of government which does not provide enough medical working facilities including drugs  in its hospitals to take care of the likely infected infants who most of them are affected by pneumonia and meningitis which kills them more quickly in early months after delivery. Elaborating about her unit to which she is in charge, Dr. Delila noted that, the situation over there is so pathetic as there are no enough space to take care of infants as per the medical directives.   

However she clarified that, the neonatal ward at the hospital has two large rooms each one is consisting of 9 beds on which are sometimes forced to place three mothers with their newly borne babies on each bed otherwise the rest have to sleep down for lack of beds. She said sometimes children are born up to 160 per day making it difficult to arrange for their accommodation, she said adding that reasons are due to the influx of expectant mothers who comes for delivery at the hospital. Earlier, a specialist for women diseases Dr. Augustine Manyanga at the hospital and clarified some factors that led to the mortality rates that include profuse bleeding while giving birth  an aspect which he said is uncontrollable if a patient is anemic, a state of having less blood content. Other reasons he noted are High blood pressure that causes ‘Eclampisia’ resulting into the infections on human brains. According to him, this is dangerous if not treated on time brain that affects brains He motioned other factors as due to Illegal abortions, failure to transport expectant mothers to the hospital on time as most of them dies on their way to the hospital, and such cases are numerous in rural areas where people are engulfed with poverty stricken situation. Despite government efforts to remedy the situation, still there is a wide shortage of Midwife staff  coupled by insufficient number of medical clinics, as the situation is more serious in most rural areas in the country has exacerbated the high extent of the mortality rates. According to him, the current statistics of the mortality rates on women stands at 454 in every 100,000 child deliveries, which he says is worse in rural areas. He therefore suggests that, the government should do all it can in order to increase the required staff and concentrate more in rural areas whereby health knowledge about child delivery is still inadequate as most people perpetrates their minds on witchcraft beliefs.

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