Monday, January 19, 2015

Kiteto Hospital to undergo treatment of prostate cancer

The Tobora Town Council (TTC) has entered into agreement with four medical experts from Switzerland who would be carrying two major operations for prostate cancer and hydrocele testis at a regional Kiteto hospital located in Tabora town, these are among the serious diseases affecting mostly aged men. The hospital is among the few recently upgraded into a magnificent scale after undergoing huge renovation works by the ministry of Health and given the status of being among the few referral hospitals in the country. A Member of Parliament for Tabora Urban, Ismail Aden Rage said on Friday last week in Dar es Salaam that, the ministry of Health and Social Services has accomplished all the procedures that would allow the experts to undergo the operations which are due to start in March this year. 

Ismail Aden Rage, a Member of Parliament for Tabora Urban

He told a Press Conference that, the agreement entered with the experts would run exclusively in five years’ time during which people would be checked freely and that, the experts would come with their own medical apparatuses for that purpose. Rage noted that, being an MP for the area he has also asked the government to institute nursing training courses at the hospital which currently is used as a training ground for medical practitioners. Explaining about the two diseases, he said that, there are signs of many men who suffers the diseases after undergoing a research in the region and that is why the management of the town council resorted for help from outside the country. According to him, the Kiteto hospital would be the second hospital in the country to have undergoing major operations on prostate cancer after the Aga Khan hospital in Dar es Salaam which he noted that if is not treated earlier it results into deaths. The Kiteto hospital was established by the British government during colonial era and before that, the ground on which the hospital was constructed was used as a military camp for the German during the First World War.

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