Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A contractor urge for more remunerations

Employers in construction companies have been directed to enhance their workers’ remuneration packages as inducements to make them produce quality work and avoid performing jobs of low quality standards. The concern was made on Friday last week by Cicholaus Andrew who is also the Managing Director of Jecen Building Contractor which is engaged in real estate developments and construction of culverts, concrete preparations as well as doing renovations on houses. “If construction companies will not take care of their employees’ remunerations, quality work will never be realized and instead will end up in shoddy construction”, he said. Speaking on various challenges faced by contractors in performing their work, he said the situation comes about as a result of lack of cooperation among the officials who have the habit of denying them tenders and give them to the companies or people whom they want. 

Construction work in progress

He also appealed to contractors to work harder so as to avoid criticism raised by owners of houses who issues building plans which do not conform to the building standards required of them, an aspect that leads to the low quality standards. Also in celebrating year 2015, Mwalituke had increased the rate of his workers’ salaries from Sh. 70,000/- to Sh. 105,000/- on a weekly basis. Elaborating on this increase, he said noted that, this is due to workers’ cooperation which they have shown to the extent that it has given a good success to the company. “We pay the salary on a weekly basis and every department has its own set amount of money, but for those who used to be paid Sh. 70,000./- per week, now will; be paid Sh. 105,000/-“, he v said adding that, those who used to be paid more than Sh. 70,000/- will also be considered as per the set rates. However, he said that, he had decided to enhance the lives of his workers due to the fact that, they have also been dedicating to work harder to such an extent that some of them have managed to build their own house due to handsome payments given to them. He has also appealed to some youths to stop the habit of forming groups and utter bad words against the government that it had repudiated them and instead he has asked them to join in groups to get entrepreneurship knowledge on how to do businesses so as they could conduct a decent.

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