Friday, July 5, 2013

UK suspected terrorist arrested in Dar

A high profile suspected terrorist who is in the UK wanted list has been arrested by police in Kyela district, Mbeya region with two different passports. Briefing reporters yesterday in Dar es Salaam, Director of Criminal Investigation( DCI)  Robert  Manumba said the suspect bearing two different names and passports was in an attempt to cross the Tanzania boarder to the southern countries. He said the suspect was using the Tanzanian passport number AB.651926 with  the name  Adil Ally Patel and that of UK with NO.51555382 with the name Iqbal Hassan Ally. DCI Manumba explained that the Tanzanian passport was among the 26 documents stolen from the Immigration Department almost a year ago. He said that, the suspected terrorists was aided by a Tanzanian citizen whom he couldn’t mention and after inspecting his laptop was found to have some religious teachings full of sedition. He further noted that, another Tanzanian whom he didn’t want to mention his name has also been arrested on suspicion to collaborate with a UK suspected terrorist. He said and clarified that, he was found with a laptop which has been installed with religious teachings with religious seditious statements which seems to be different from his belief. However he noted that, when he was arrested he claimed to be a student studying in one of the Universities in Sudan. In view of this, DCI Manumnba has cautioned Tanzanians and parents to be careful with their children who are taken abroad for studies on scholarship basis as some of them are lured into other activities which are in one way linked with terrorist acts. According to DCI Manumba, the police are optimistic with the facts that there are some terrorist groups in the country which are in secret mission to perform their mischief. In view of this, he has asked Tanzanians to be careful as at this moment when the police is doing its work of investigations, he added that the situation is not good in the country.  However, he has reiterated the need of the police in the country saying that, it is going on with the investigations of the recent grenade bombings which occurred at Olasiti in May and at Soweto village in Arusha city last month at Chadema meeting. 

He has assured Tanzanians that, once investigations are complete, the suspect will be brought in the hands of law and charged with criminal offence.  “This a tedious work for the police force in the country which needs closer cooperation with the outside security sources in order to succeed” he said adding that they are still gathering information that would lead the police to accomplish the task. However, he noted that, information given by good citizens would help the police complete its investigations on time and have the culprits taken to court. He has expressed doubts of the increased insecurity in some parts of the country whereby he noted that, there are some Tanzanians who are used by law breakers to make mischief. “This is bad character” he queried and asked Tanzanians not to be attempted in any way to spoil the existing peace and harmony the country has been enjoying since independences time. Meanwhile, DCI Manumba has stated that, police in Dar es Salaam haws impounded 347 ivory tasks in Kimara area which are believed to have been poached from national parks in the country. However, he couldn’t mention the suspects nor the truck and container on which the consignments were loaded, but said that, the police are investigating the matter and would issue the report to the general public later. Apart from the impounded ivory tasks in Kimara, olther ivory consignments have been impounded in Mzuzu town in Malawi which is believed to have been smuggled from Tanzania. He further noted that, the consignments had duments which showed that were the cement products from Mbeya based cement factory. He said that, the police in the country is currently working closely in collaboration with the International Police (INTERPOL) to establish the truth of the matter, and once the investigations are complete, the suspects would face legal actions. Following these incidences, DCI Manumba has cautioned Tanzanians to be careful as the country has been turned to be an international crime zone adding that however sees anything unusual should report the matter to the security organs with immediate effects. Elephants are increasingly endangered by a growing human incursion into their habitats. Poaching has drastically exacerbated the plight of the African elephant in particular.  The statistics shows that every day 30 elephants are slaughtered by illegal poaching. Poaching activities has caused Tanzania to lose 30 elephants  every day and about 600 elephants are indiscriminately killed in the national parks per month.  “Elephant poaching is very serious and needs a lot of resources to scale down the magnitude of the problem” deputy minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Lazaro Nyalandu said last week in Dar es Salaam US President visit and added that, the US government has committed to help minimize the escalating habit.

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