Monday, July 15, 2013

JK Cautions Tanzanians on threatened peace situation in the country

PRESIDENT Jakaya Kikwete has cautioned Tanzanians to be careful and shun from any political move aimed at threatening and violating peace and tranquility which may plug the nation into political turmoil.  President made the remarks in Dar es Salaam on Thursday last week when addressing participants of a two-day National symposium who had gathered to discuss matters pertaining to the prevailing peace situation in the country. A two-day closed door meeting was organized by the Tanzania Centre for Democracy (TCD) and brought together almost 60 participants who included members of all political parties with representatives in the Parliament. Others who attended the meeting are members of the police force and national security agents in the country. President Kikwete said that, “things are not well in the country in terms of peace and that if Tanzanians would not take precautionary measures by now, the country will soon enter into civil war”. He attributed the threatened peace situation in the country as being propagated by some political activities coupled by seditious religious statements being propagated by few religious leaders who intentionally preach hatred causing religious disputes. He further clarified that, some religious clerics have been treating religion as a political activity which is against religious ethics and by so doing  they destroy religious respect. The two he said have been stimulating the emerging political chaos in some parts in the country as already witnessed in Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Mtwara and Zanzibar. However, he said adding that, this is shame to the rest of the world for a country which has long been proud of being an Island of peace in the world since independence time over 50 years dawn the lane to engage in marvelous things to disrupt its national status. In view of this, President Kikwete has asked everybody in the country to be alert and disengage in any wrong doings and take appropriate actions in order to avert the situation. Earlier, TCD’s Chairperson James Mbatia introduced to the President the various political parties that had organized the meeting and was disappointed to note that, among parties’ attendances only Chadema did not attend the meeting and wondered for what reasons. However, President Jakaya countered by saying that, the absence of the members of Chadema was not a correct decision making and must have reasons behind it, bearing the fact that it should have been in the forefront for its being the leading opposition party with large number of representatives in Parliament. James Mbatia who is also the National Chairman of the NCCR-Mageuzi party highlighted some of the deliberations which members came up with and requested the government to put them in their implementation and strategic plans for the development of a sustainable peace cords in the country. 

Some of these are work on reform programs which are aimed at consolidating peace is one of the permanent national project, and therefore, TCD should apply a long term sustainability program for promoting the standards of awareness among the people for their responsible role of maintaining peace and tranquility in the country. Under the reform programs, education about peace and other matters must be given to the general public and other groups such as politicians, journalists, religious leaders, human rights activists, policy makers so as to build up a peaceful nation. Mbatia noted that, as this is a primary role to every citizen in the country, TCD has seen its importance and has also asked the government to consider it as it can promote patriotism and strong commitments when it comes to the issue of maintaining peace and freedom. However, he further noted that TCD should be empowered to have an overall control of the educational institutions which will be aligned to enlighten youths and political leaders to obey the constitution and laws governing the country without having been opposed at all. Despite the outlined deliberations by TCD, the organization has among other things asked the media being the fourth estate in the country to streamline their media organizations so as to create a conducive environment to journalists. He said empowering them would make them become responsible enough while fulfilling their obligations according to their ethical and regulations that abide their work rules, adding that, journalists are resourceful to disseminate information including their reports. Earlier TCD challenged the media for not being skeptical in news reporting and had criticized some of the media organs for violating their ethical work and ended up in purporting the real information to the general public. They noted that some media organs in the country are playing the role of inciting provocations instead of analyzing their news contents into a balanced manner an aspect which they said might cause greater misunderstandings among the most prominent people including politicians. Giving an highlight in his closing address speech, President Kikwete reminded the participants to be careful with some media organs and illustrated his point by giving an example of one media house in Kigali-Rwanda was accused of inciting information in its news broadcast that fueled acts of genocide which occurred in 1994.

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