Friday, July 19, 2013

Lipumba held talks with JK at State House

Civic United Front national Chairman Professor Ibrahim Lipumba yesterday held private talks with President Jakaya Kikwete at State House in Dar es Salaam. Among the most crucial matters the opposition leader discussed with the President are how to maintain peace in Mtwara region, an highlight on the recent visit by US President Barack Obama, and the Millennium Challenge account. Speaking in a telephone interview yesterday in Dar es Salaam Professor Lipumba said that, he advised the President to ensure that, the issue of Mtwara residents as related to the issue of the construction of a gas pipeline should be solved amicably between the two parties. He said that, he advised the government that the people of Mtwara needs to be clarified  over the matter and that, force should not be used as this is not a lasting solution to end their queries over the issue.

President Jakaya Kikwete in talks with the National Chairman of the Opposition Civic United Front (CUF), Professor Ibrahim Lipumba at State House in Dar es Salaam yesterday. 

 However, he said and added that, the government should be transparent and use peaceful way of the political means to put awareness of the matter to residents who needs to be clarified through various sources of information in order to make the angry citizens know the importance of the project in general. Other matters he said are the various steps through which the US government has been donating their assistance through millennium challenge account on the targeted projects. According to him, he advised the government to ensure that, the account is increased to let other projects are financed through the account. Professor Lipumba made a visit in Southern region of Mtwara since early this month to see for himself various development projects taking place in the region and the to see the various aftermaths caused as a result of the recent chaos that erupted in defiance to government plans of constructing a gas pipeline to Dar es Salaam.

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