Monday, April 18, 2011

Professor Tigiti Sengo and fellow Swahili language experts

He is on the view of the fact that, Tanzania should divert her mind and should stand firm to unite together in a bid to retain its respected moral Swahili culture from deteriorating among its citizens. However, he said added that, Swahili language is becoming an active player in most Pan-African meetings as well as in the global economy. According to Professor Sengo, the prevailing power relationship of languages and culture has to be challenged and hopefully even shaken up, that is why he is fond of writing as many Swahili books as possible as reading is conventional. Writing books in local language is one way of promoting African languages which if strict measures are not taken to maintain this culture, a nation is likely to face extinction of its local cultures if care would not be taken and instead keep on maintaining the mentality of depending on other people’s languages. The death of any language is the loss of knowledge contained in that language, and the weakening of any language is the weakening of its knowledge producing potential as it is a human loss. Professor Sengo who currently is a Senior Lecturer with the Open University of Tanzania is vigorously fighting for Swahili language in order to promote Tanzania’s culture.

A cross section of the invited guests who attended the ceremony at the tent of the Open University of Tanzania

Professor Elifas Bisanda (DVC Academic) of the Open University of Tanzania who was the guest of honour delivering his speech during the occasion.

Professor Bisanda cutting a tape to officially inaugurate the 32 paged booklet that describes the life of Professor Tigiti Sengo

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