Monday, April 18, 2011

Intellectuals urges on the use of Swahili language in Tanzania

Being a professor of Swahili literature (Fasihi ya Kiswahili) at the University, he started his career of writing Swahili Essays while studying at Mzumbe Secondary school way back in 1965 and his first ever essay was published in Tanganyika library in the same year. According to him, a nation without people’s culture is no more. The idea reflects in his mind and has urged people to cooperate in building Swahili together and not mixing up words while speaking the language. He is on the view of the fact that, Tanzanians must build Swahili language for the development of Tanzania and Africa as a whole. During the occasion, the Ministry of Information and Culture was represented by an official from the department of culture. The ministry congratulated the efforts so far contributed by Professor Sengo towards maintaining Tanzanian Swahili culture in the global sphere. These experts could not hesitate to throw blame to the government which according to them, has not been in a position to promote Swahili language in the country. “The government’s insistence on the Swahili language is extremely very low” says former Executive Secretary of the National Swahili Council (BAKITA) Mr. Mohammed Mwinyi.

Four ladies among the invited guests from Zanaki Secondary school entertained the audience when they read one of the poems which was compiled by Professor Sengo in one of his 25 books for secondary schools in the country

Professor Elifas Bisanda (DVC Academic) of the Open University of Tanzania congratulates Professor Sengo during the occasion

A Woman putting a scuff on Professor Tigiti Sengo as a sign of his bravery and standing point to defend Swahili language in the country.

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